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The Poitiers Film Festival is inviting the Coimbra Festival to propose a “fan-favorite” selection of student films from their recent selections. A period film, a comedy in a swimsuit, or a fraternal drama… Through their diverse tones and writing styles, these five shorts invite us to discover Portugal’s young cinema.


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Film archived. No program planned.

Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português

The “Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português” was created in 1988 and takes place each November in Coimbra, one of Poitiers’ sister cities.
It has become a central reference in Portugal by promoting the diversity of Portuguese production, from shorts to features and from animation to documentaries. It presents itself as the sole festival entirely dedicated to Portuguese cinema across all genres and forms, which it highlights through several competitive selections, including the “Seleçāo Ensaios,” dedicated to films created in the country’s schools and training programs. It supports the shared theater experience and the proliferation of interactions between authors and audience members. In 2022, this festival is a partner of the Poitiers Film Festival and hold its 28th edition from November 5 to 19.