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The Poitiers Film Festival has chosen to headline its Portuguese summer program by shining the spotlight on the second feature by Miguel Gomes, one of the great authors of contemporary Portuguese cinema. Aquele querido mês de agosto is a summer film par excellence with its inventiveness, charm, and detours. It starts out as a documentary in the month of August in mountain villages before gradually weaving together a fictional story played by the inhabitants themselves. At the crossroads of reality and invention, following the rhythm of the words of songs played at village dances and regional legends, this solar and joyful film inspires the young filmmakers of today.

Screening preceded by a presentation of the film led by Thibaut Bracq and the directors of Mourir à Ibiza (un film en trois étés).

Aquele querido mês de agosto

Miguel Gomes

In the heart of the Portuguese mountains, the population and its activities surge in the month of August. People return home, set off fireworks, manage forest fires, sing karaoke, attend village dances… A young girl is in love with her cousin; her father doesn’t approve.

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Miguel Gomes

Born in 1972, Miguel Gomes studied at the “Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema” in Lisbon before working as a film critic. He directed his first feature, A Cara que mereces, in 2004. Since then, he is renowned as one of the most important authors of Portuguese films in recent years, such as Tabu, which catapulted him to the worldwide scene in 2012, the trilogy As Mil e Uma Noites, and more recently, Diários de Otsoga, co-directed in 2020 with Maureen Fazendeiro.