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A little mole, a squirrel and a bat, a polar bear, and lots of stars! Florent Marchet, a singer-songwriter and the author of numerous original soundtracks, draws on three short animated films to write a cinema-concert for little ones with three pianos and a vibraphone. The set includes La Petite Taupe et l’étoile verte by the Czech artist Zdenĕk Miler, a 1950s cartoon star, but also the very beautiful and more recent Tôt ou tard by Jadviwga Kowalska – featuring a squirrel that lives with a bat in a tree. Not to mention the polar fable, La P’tite Ourse, by Fabienne Collet, about the mystery of constellations, and of life! This artisanal approach to film goes perfectly with Florent Marchet’s sensitive way of meandering through images. A beautiful journey to enjoy at any age!

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La Petite Taupe et l’étoile verte
Zdeněk Miler | animation | 1968 | 8 min

It’s springtime and everyone is busy: the rabbit is sweeping his doorstep, the birds are cleaning their nest, the frogs are replenishing the water in their pond… So the little mole decides to tidy up her burrow as well. In doing so, she discovers a green and luminous stone that she takes for a star.

Tôt ou tard
Jadwiga Kowalska | animation | 2008 | 5 min
Poitiers Film Festival 2008

A squirrel and a bat. Two different worlds and times of day. Chance will interrupt their well-oiled daily routines. These two loners thus set out on a shared journey.

La P’tite Ourse
Fabienne Collet | animation | 2007 | 8 min

All alone on an ice field, a little girl is taken in by a polar bear whom she calls Grandfather. Like all children, she wonders where stars come from and where they go.