As part of its industry initiatives, the Poitiers Film Festival develops partnerships with artistic residencies in order to provide filmmakers featured in the festival with an ideal opportunity to continue to develop their projects.

Prévôté – ALCA writing residency

Starting in 2018, the ALCA (“Agence Livre et Cinéma Nouvelle-Aquitaine”) selects a scriptwriter from the Poitiers Film Festival’s Jump In workshops for a 3-week writing residency in Bordeaux as part of the Prévôté residency.

  • 2019 – Orkhan Aghazadeh (Azerbaijan)
  • 2018 – Federico Montero (Costa Rica)

Villa Bloch – multidisciplinary artistic residency

In 2019, the city of Poitiers is inaugurating the Villa Bloch, a new space for artistic residencies, in keeping with the values of its former owner, Jean-Richard Bloch. A writer, journalist, humanist, and involved intellectual, Bloch worked throughout his life to defend freedom of expression and artistic creation.

The Villa Bloch welcomes 2 filmmakers, who were participants of the Jump In workshops, for a 30-day writing residency.

  • 2019 – 2020: Kahina Le Querrec (France) and Firoza Zahir Houssen (Madagascar)
  • 2018 – 2019: Marie Rosselet-Ruiz (France) and Jean-Baptiste Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)