Social and environmental responsibility is a very topical issue, which the TAP has been actively working on for a long time. The Poitiers Film Festival has been a field for experimenting with eco-friendly practices. At a time when it is vital to rise to environmental challenges to ensure the future of the planet and the next generations, the Festival is keen to participate in this collective cultural dynamic by continuing efforts from previous years and aiming for new objectives.

Continuing efforts

The Poitiers Film Festival is continuing sustainable development practices that it has already put into place and is introducing some new ones.

  • Soft mobility: The Festival avoids domestic flights, favoring the train for travel within France and between bordering countries. As the TAP is close to the train station, some of the guests will be able to go to and from the Festival by foot.
  • Responsible waste management: The Festival is no longer using plastic bottles, has installed water fountains without demijohns, and has made washable glasses available. It has implemented and joined forces with its food-related partners for a system for sorting recyclable waste and has experimented with composting bio-waste. It continues to use washable silverware and plates in the cafeteria.
  • Responsible eating: starting in 2019, the Festival has worked with Café Cantine, an ecologically-minded restaurant that offers vegetarian cuisine as well as seasonal and local products.

New objectives

The Poitiers Film Festival’s team is active in the TAP’s conversations regarding the ecological transition and will be involved in initiatives spearheaded on the national level.

  • Undergoing an environmental diagnosis: the TAP has committed to “Objectif 13,” a plan of action initiated by cultural agencies in the performing arts to reduce their carbon footprint. To this end, the TAP will be undergoing an assessment of its ecological impact, a starting point for identifying recommendations and priorities.
  • Raising awareness: thanks to regular communication and training sessions, all of the actors in the TAP’s teams are called on to become involved and aware of their responsibilities regarding eco-friendly practices and issues.

Working together

The Collective for Film and Audiovisual Festivals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, of which the Poitiers Film Festival is one of the 8 founding members, now includes 16 events across the region. Together, these festivals reflect upon and work toward improving their practices with respect to social and environmental responsibility. Through several think-tank days, this multi-stage process will lead to the drafting of a charter for sustainable development.